Work-based learning has the power to improve the trajectory of students, businesses and the future of our entire state. That’s why it’s so important North Carolinians get involved in experiences that connect learners with real-world career opportunities.


What does work-based learning look like?


Career Awareness Career Exploration Career Experience

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How will work-based learning help me?


Students & Job Seekers

By participating in work-based learning, you’ll be able to explore career options, find out whether or not a specific path is right for you, gain the skills and experience to make yourself more attractive to employers and become better prepared for the jobs of tomorrow. No matter what direction you want to go, work-based learning is part of your path to get there.




Developing and supporting work-based learning opportunities allows North Carolina employers to increase and directly shape their talent pipeline. It not only increases community involvement, but also provides a unique platform for discovering and growing future hires—so they’re equipped with specific skills and understanding they need to improve your business.

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Introducing students to work-based learning opportunities helps educators create deeper connections between what students are learning in school and how it can be used in the real world. This relevance is a powerful tool for engaging and motivating students. Exposure to work-based learning also gives students a more well-rounded education that improves their chances for future success.

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The framework put to work

Work-based learning is a key component in every educational pathway. See how existing programs have been created based on this new statewide framework.



This information technology internship pilot program was created for young adults on the autism spectrum. It is the first state initiative to develop the pipeline for a neurodiverse workforce, connecting highly intelligent and loyal workers who bring a unique perspective with employers in the IT industry. See how this program framework brings workers and internships together based on the specific soft-skill requirements of the position for the most successful matches.


NC’s Work-Based Learning Navigator

While all forms of work-based learning have their benefits, certain programs provide more than others. The Experience More seal of approval was created to recognize these high-quality programs across the state—as well as show other programs how they can increase their value. To qualify, a program must fulfill at least five of the seven qualifications within its category.


Experience More
Ranked Programs

Work-based learning is a key component in every educational pathway. See how existing programs have been created based on this new statewide framework.


NC Job Ready

Governor Cooper’s new workforce development program, which aligns closely with the work being done through the Experience More initiative, was introduced in early 2018. It’s aimed at directly addressing the needs of the people and businesses of North Carolina.